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  • We are the Arabian Dhilal Industry Company, a pioneer in the field of kitchen industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the city of Riyadh. We were established in 2013. The company includes 4 branches within the city of Riyadh, where we manufacture all kinds of kitchens with full professionalism and add our touch with a mixture of experience, sophistication and luxury, so that it suits all the high-end markets of our customers, as we provide customers All the basics needed for a kitchen, and we work on the installation service at the maximum time that benefits the customer, and we care about the after-sales service of modifications requested by the customer
هذا ليس من أجل الفن من أجل الفن أو التكنولوجيا لأنه عصري ، هذا يتعلق بإعادة تعريف الفضاء التفاعلي. نحن نؤمن بفريق موهوب ورشيق ونهج جديد ثاقب.

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